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Will the Project dubbed “Astoria” by Microsoft Company be availed soon? This is the question that the tech lovers still waiting to see if it is going to be unveiled soon. During the year, Microsoft had made a pledge that tools that can be able to facilitate porting of apps will soon be made accessible to the users. The tools were meant to be compatible to Android handsets and iOS. Due to some delays that have been witnessed, it is apparent that this is going to take quite some time before the “Astoria” has been launched.

One will notice that Microsoft has not given out any updated in relation to this android tool Astoria. Actually, according to the Windows Central, this project has been suspended due to the outcome not meeting the expectations that had been set. This Astoria was meant to work more efficiently for the Windows 10 handsets.

The reason why Astoria has not been unveiled has brought mixed reactions from different parties involved. Some people state that this could be related to its performance not being as effective as expected when introduced to Windows 10. Furthermore, the existence of Astoria could have not augured well with developers of Windows app as it is not well compatible with android system.

It is distinct that if the Project Astoria could be a success, this android app will offer a major platform for the Windows 10. This is because it could facilitate porting of apps, a situation that as per now is still hard for the Microsoft phone. Earlier on, Microsoft had tried to create different support to mobile apps on Windows 10 which included Islandwood meant for iOS apps, Westminster to port apps from the web and Centennial to boost the Win32 apps. Despite such introduction, it has become a problem to find apps that are fully compatible on the Windows 10 mobiles.

According to a survey conducted, the tech market of today is well conversant with the iOS and Android systems which have really accumulated a huge market share. On the other hand, the Windows Phone has faced a major setback in relation to their market share despite having shipped more gadgets into the market. What is the major reason behind this? Actually, the contributory factor has been deemed to be lack of an established platform where users can access or port apps and more so presence of apps that have not been fully established to compete with others. Furthermore, the operating system available has not been able to fully effective.

As Microsoft are committed in offering different options to the Windows 10 platform, app developers will be keen on whether such option can work well for the iOS and the web apps. For now, it is hard to determine whether android app Astoria will ultimately become functional.

Some positive suggestions were outlined on whether Microsoft can ultimately agree to incorporate Android on Windows 10 mobile. Actually, if they become compatible, then this would facilitate and help the Windows 10 mobile devices to run their operations in a smooth and efficient manner. Apparently, one will notice that it is not a lasting solution to impose apps in an operating system that does not fully support it. This would reduce efficiency of the mobile device.